Mexico celebrates Norway day, with a focus on sustainability


The relationship with the Scandinavian nation goes beyond the exchange and consumption of food, but of global causes such as biodiversity.

Norway and Mexico have a strong relationship with an important link in several areas, among which are the great global causes such as sustainable development, the 2030 agenda, among others, said the ambassador of the Scandinavian country, Ruth Krüger Giverin.

“The relationship between Mexico and Norway is special, the people who make it up over time have maintained a strong bond in several sectors between our countries. It is these bonds between people that constitute the strength of our relationship, “he said.

Before the diplomatic corps accredited in Mexico, Krüger Giverin highlighted the leadership of Mexico in some of these global issues with which they work hand in hand with Norway and that transcends the national interests of both nations.

Among these issues, he added, is the fight against climate change, gender equality, human rights and a new urban agenda with more inclusive and intelligent cities and societies. “We are happy with the interest and dedication of Mexico.”

The Norwegian ambassador led a gastronomic show to highlight the work her country is doing in the conservation and sustainable exploitation of the ocean; a central axis in the relationship between both nations that he assured contains important political aspects, but also culinary.

In the context of the celebrations for the Day of Norway, the Under Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Martha Delgado, endorsed the importance of the strategic relationship they maintain in this issue where Mexico and Norway have much to share.

In view of this, he highlighted the importance and relevance of the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, an issue in which Norway has shown enormous leadership to be able to develop policies and approaches to position the issue on a global scale at the UN.

Delgado Peralta acknowledged that Mexico currently faces a major challenge to combat a phenomenon derived from climate change such as sargassum that occurs in the Yucatan Peninsula, which places the main economic activity in the area at risk. Tourism.

In view of this, he expressed the importance of our country belonging to the High-Level Panel for a sustainable ocean economy that drives the Scandinavian country, allowing the ocean to continue enriching humans on earth while guaranteeing its biodiversity for future generations.

“I think the critical situation of the oceans is particularly relevant today. We are dealing with an ecological crisis that we can see in the forests, in the air, in the water, on the earth, but we have to think about what is happening in the extra-continental waters where we are not fully aware of what is happening “, sentenced.

Both officials led a tasting of Norwegian salmon by Chef César de la Parra who was responsible for creating a series of snacks with one of the star maritime products of the Nordic country.

Source: milenio

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