Mexican women the most unfaithful in the world for 6 reasons says a study


A study by Ashley Madison made strong revelations and revealed that Mexican women are the most unfaithful in the world for 6 reasons, says the research. 

The social network of online couples launched in 2001, Ashley Madison is primarily aimed at people who already have a relationship and seek to have an affair, in the study they announced that women between 30 and 33 years are more likely to become unfaithful by 6 reasons and they are Mexican.


Ashley Madison promises confidentiality in exchange for intimate dates and now affirms that the most unfaithful women in the entire planet are Mexican women. 

The city with the largest number of unfaithful women in Mexico is Ecatepec , this area has the highest number of infidelities in the world. They also announced that of all the women who commit infidelity 44 percent are Mexican and the survey revealed that they do so to feel empowered, happy, confident, self-fulfilling, trustworthy and productive when they are unfaithful.  

49 percent of these cheating women responded that they feel neglected and that what motivated them to become infidels was the lack of intimacy with their partners after the birth of the children. 

The statistic also revealed that the profile of an unfaithful woman is the following: From 30 to 33 years old, married, with one or two children and with more than two years of marriage. 

They also revealed the profile of an unfaithful woman.

This social network has also published that infidelity has become a respite for many married couples and that being unfaithful does not mean they want to end their marriage or their family. 

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A survey also conducted by Ashley Madison to 300 thousand members said that infidelity is not committed in order to get a divorce and said what are the reasons for being unfaithful.

  • 55% – wants to keep your family together. 
  • 40% – love your husband or wife. 
  • 38% – do not want to hurt your family or live without them. 
  • 35% – wants their children to grow up with their two parents. 
  • 31% – do not think you can be happy with someone else for a long time.

The results can disturb many, but unfortunately, this is what is happening, it is time to value the person next to you and improve the communication of your partner and stay as close as possible.

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