Mazatlan Central Park has an area for concerts and workshops ready


The reforestation stage follows. They will repopulate trees where there are few and change the dry ones.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Central Park, besides being a free space with nature, will have areas for children, youth and adults to take workshops. The infrastructure is ready.

Also, the space for concerts was already concluded as could be observed in a tour of the park. The paved roads are already appreciated throughout the forest.

This space, which will be open for the whole family, will have a museum where you can show to Mazatlan and its surroundings. Families can live together in this place surrounded by nature, and even in the company of their pets.

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Before the signaling of the population that trees were cut down and that others are dry after the work being done there, the next phase in the works of the Central Park is reforestation. They are going to start planting trees where they no longer exist or there are few left.

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