Durango, with moms of 13 and 14 years old


That age has one of the mothers assisted with the Abrazos de Vida program of the municipal DIF. According to the director Salma Dalia Guzmán Daher, so far this year they have attended, in the process of becoming mothers, 33 adolescents.

Of these, five are 14 years old and 13 years old.

They are minors who are in secondary school just like the parent, so almost all face this situation alone, even without support from their families, said the director.

80 percent of the girls seen in this scheme are not married, sometimes they receive moral support from the adolescent responsible for the pregnancy, but not financially.

Because of this they “fall into a panic” when they know they are pregnant, said Guzmán Daher. For this reason, the program provides comprehensive care, from accompaniment in pregnancy and until your child reaches one year with 11 months.

Children receive early stimulation, medical and psychological attention.

In addition to the economic and health implications of a pregnancy at an early age, the problem is characterized by creating for the young woman, a panorama of a lot of stress in which one of the most recurrent thoughts is abortion. To which the director of the DIF responded that when this happens, specialists provide them with legal information of all kinds that is required. In this way, so far all the girls who have attended the DIF have decided to have their son. For this reason, the organization implements a series of workshops to promote self-employment, such as piñatas, stained-glass windows, beauty courses, bakery and carpentry.

The director admitted that despite the information that is disseminated from the health sector and even existing in social networks, pregnancy in children has increased.

Source: el siglo de durango

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