Operation starts on the Baja Transpeninsular to fine whoever drives with cellular


As of this Wednesday, the “Safe Corridor” operation begins permanently

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Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.- At the biweekly meeting held by the businessmen of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos (CCC) and authorities on the subject of security, it was announced that the Federal Police will implement a road safety operation called “Safe Corridor” in which they will be varied in various strategic points of the road corridor of San Jose del Cabo (SJC) -Cabo San Lucas (CSL) so that drivers do not use the cell phone.

Javier Montalvo, head of the Legal Affairs Unit of Public Security, announced that it will be from this Wednesday, May 22, when the operation begins, which consists of placing units on the Transpeninsular peak, separated by one kilometer each, where they will be watching that they do not use the cell phone when driving, this being detected as the main cause of many of the road accidents in the tourist corridor. 

“It will be a permanent operation, we on behalf of Public Security will also start the implementation of new machines and tickets for infractions as of June 3, and modifications to the Police and Good Government Command as well as the Trac Regulation they came into force as of May 1, but for the moment it has not been applied because we are in the stage of socialization, “explained the head of the Legal Affairs Unit of Public Security. 

The Municipal Public Safety Directorate in conjunction with the Federal Police will be coordinated to infract those people who are caught using the cell phone while driving, in this way it is expected to reduce to a considerable extent the vehicular accidents both in the tourist corridor and in the streets of the municipality. 

“The cost of both fines is similar because although it is true, the fact of driving with cell phone use is approximately 3,500 pesos and also the lack of caution is another 2,500 pesos, more or less a difference of two hundred pesos in cost, I do not know but they are almost the same “, concluded Javier Montalvo. 

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