Government of Sinaloa fights poverty with resources for public works


The Social Infrastructure Fund for the Entities will be applied in the 18 municipalities in more than 300 projects, in order to fight poverty in Sinaloa

With an increase of 22 percent in the efficiency of the use of the Social Infrastructure Fund, the State Government will be carrying out more than 300 public works projects, mostly related to basic services, such as drainage and drinking water in the most marginal areas of Sinaloa.

The Secretary of Social Development of the State Government, Álvaro Ruelas Echave, said that with the application of this fund they will achieve a total investment of more than 600 million, with the objective of combating poverty from the root.

” These are guidelines that will really fight poverty and benefit the population and do more with what we have. To reduce poverty is also to have access to public services, and in this case they are drinking water, drainage and electricity, “said the official.  


The head of the Sedeso argued that the distribution of the resource will be made only in terms of alleviation of poverty, as well as being a rule of the FISE guarantee basic services in the communities, is also to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants .

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The municipalities of Sinaloa and Badiraguato are the two that have the most needs due to the remoteness of the ranches, they could even require an amount of investment almost equal to that of the cities.

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