Cornerstone placed for exclusive real estate development in Marina Mazatlan


The construction will be located on Avenida Paseo del Pacífico, Marina Mazatlan

The laying of the first stone of Punta Palmeira Habitat Residencial and Center Plaza was carried out, which will be a real estate development comprising three apartment towers equipped with swimming pools, sauna, gym among other amenities, plus a three-story shopping plaza type Lifestyle, in which you can find all kinds of products, from food, clothing and even offices.

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In the event, in addition to laying the first stone, there was also the “Open House” in which the guests received a master class of profitability in Mazatlan, kits of buyers with promotional materials and they were also given documentation of the legality of the work In general, in addition to the tasting of typical regional food, sandwiches, wine, and cocktails.

Also, the attendees were made aware of the trajectory of the Habitat Center group developers, who were recognized for their participation in the construction of Galerías Mazatlán.

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The construction will be on Avenida Paseo del Pacifico, Marina Mazatlan, with an excellent location since in that area there are supermarkets, department stores, and educational institutions.

 Source: tvpacifico

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