Students from the UAS plant trees in the San Miguel River


A brigade of about 70 young people who perform social service on Saturdays, decided to reforest the river

Los Mochis.- The idea is to plant willows and poplars on both sides of the river to fight environmental problems

A group of about 70 young people from the various careers of the UAS University Center Los Mochis,  as part of their Saturday social service, decided to plant trees on the banks of the Fuerte River at the height of San Miguel, in the area known as El Embudo.

Those who planted yesterday were 70 willows and the idea is to continue until they reach 200.

“It will be about 2 kilometers where we plant trees and this Saturday we started 500 meters were planted,” said Héctor Ayón, who finished his career in nursing and is doing his social service to process his degree.

Social service providers of the UAS reforest the river bank in San Miguel. 

He added that they chose the willow mainly because it is a tree that prefers wetlands. 

“Willow was chosen because they are more supporters in the matter of water.”

He said the plan is to reforest both sides of the river with willows and poplars.

The 200 trees were donated to us by Parque Sinaloa. While we continue reforesting, they will continue to give us trees

 Responsible action

The young people agreed that with this action as part of their social service they contribute to the care of the environment, and to counteract a bit the global warming.

“Apart from ensuring the care of the river, it will help the community a lot and we will contribute a little to combat climate change, it is our bit. This activity seeks social inclusion and we give back a little bit of what the planet gives us, “said the young nurse.

Social service providers of the UAS reforest the river bank in San Miguel.

He added that during Holy Week many people came to the river to recreate, however, there are not enough trees for all those who attend, and that with this work, it is ensuring that the vegetation that once had this tributary .

He said that on June 5 when World Environment Day is celebrated, they will make a massive reforestation in the river, therefore, they invited the general public to join this cause. 

“We invite all citizens to join and reforest both here and in their community. They upload their photos to social networks by planting a tree to mark a trend and contribute to the improvement of the environment. “

Gisel Galaviz, supervisor and Social Service Advisor of the UAS, said that the young people had the great idea of ​​reforesting the San Miguel River because of the problems it has had.

Well, it is worth mentioning that there have been many demolition works that the river has suffered by private companies, which has caused that there are fewer and fewer trees in the area. However, with actions like this one returns the hope that this place will be as before.

Source: el debate

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