Sinaloa receives more than 70 billion pesos in private investment


So far this year, 50,000 new jobs have been created throughout the state; Spain is the main investor in Sinaloa, followed by the United States

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- So far in 2019, Sinaloa has received more than 70 billion pesos in private investment, which exceeds 60 billion pesos last year, said Undersecretary of Promotion and Economic Competitiveness, Hector Orrantia .

He explained that thanks to this investment, 50 thousand jobs have been created. In addition, more than 1,300 million dollars have been received in foreign investment. Spain is the main investor in Sinaloa and has left the United States second.


The undersecretary commented that historically, Sinaloa has distinguished itself nationally in the agri-food sector by obtaining the first places in the production of vegetables, grains, tuna and beef. However, the state needs to be industrialized, so the state government is working to attract more investors. 

He gave as an example the case of Mazatlan, where a factory of the aerospace branch of the company Singular Aircraft is insured.


Orrantia pointed out that so far this year, 7 million dollars have been exported with a trade surplus of 1.7 million dollars. In 2018 3,700 million dollars were exported, which cataloged as a record.

In imports, 2,900 million dollars were spent and there was a surplus of 800 million dollars, which is positive because more dollars came in than those spent. 

Natural gas

The official said that one of the key factors that was missing in Sinaloa was the electric power, which is already solved with natural gas, which will make the thermoelectric plant more efficient, the two combined cycle plants of the company Iberdrola, in combination with the hydroelectric plants, which will produce twice the energy used in the state.

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