Coffee lovers, Coffee Fest Mexico 2019 is coming! ☕️


Go to the third edition of the Coffee Fest Mexico 2019, part of the campaign Coffee can save Mexico . It is an opportunity to learn from A to Z about this grain and its production processes, try it and get a good endowment of good Mexican coffee for the year.


The aroma of coffee will flood the Zócalo at the Coffee Fest México 2019 

This event will bring together small and medium producers of Mexican coffee, professional baristas, tasters, roasters, bars of national coffee shops, professionals of the coffee sector, photography and music, to publicize all the work and effort that is done every day in pro of the national coffee.

Photo: Pixabay

The event has two purposes. One is to pay tribute to those who make it possible for Mexican coffee to continue to reach our cups. The second purpose of the Coffee Fest Mexico 2019 is to show in a playful way, the properties and characteristics of coffee, through its Interactive and Sensory Coffee Museum.

The Coffee Fest Mexico 2019 will be divided by senses: taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. Each sense will have its pavilion where you can learn about coffee -history, consumer trends, botany, production and culture-, through different experiences.

Activities of the Coffee Fest Mexico 2019

For example, for the taste pavilion there will be coffee and mixology tastings. In addition to selling coffee beans and cup. eye! To be able to taste the drinks with alcohol, you must pre-register on their website .

Coffee Fest Mexico 2019
Photo: Pîxabay

For the smell pavilion, the Coffee Fest Mexico 2019 will have the classic coffee roasters with experts in the branch. They will also have other products such as: coffee tree flower (jasmine), black currant grain, lemon, apricot, apple, butter, honeyed / brown, leather, rice, toast, malt, licorice (orosus), caramel, bitter chocolate, Toasted almond, roasted peanuts, toasted hazelnut, walnut and more that you can buy with money or barter.

For the pavilion of the ear they will have jazz music and opera to liven up the event. For touch, the process of cultivation until roasting will be shown. They will have a pool of roasted coffee beans for children and young people and a bag race.

In the pavilion of the view, you will enjoy the photographic exhibition, “The Root of Coffee” by Luis Reyes Flores.

The appointment of the Coffee Fest Mexico 2019 is from May 23 to 26 in the Zócalo and the entrance is completely free.

Coffee Fest Mexico 2019

Where: Zócalo 
When: May 23-26 
How much: free entry