Mazatlan will celebrate its 2nd “Music in the Park” festival this Saturday


* Sister Cities Park, in Mazatlan

* They will give Prizes to the Artistic Path

On the afternoon of May 18, the Parque Ciudades Hermanas in Mazatlan is decorated to present the Second Festival “Music in the Park” with a vast program of artists, from dance to singers with the best groups and bands of the moment. In addition as a corollary will be delivered at nine o’clock at night to the Prize for Artistic career in the figures of Enrique Patrón de Rueda, Liliana Bandín Gaxiola, Manuel Cazares Zamudio and Agustín Martínez Hernández.

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This was announced at a conference in which Martín Gavica, son of the Bella Foundation participated; Cecilia Sánchez Duarte, director of the Art Museum of Mazatlán and delegate of the South Zone of the ISIC; and David Osuna Gárate, representative of Megaradio. Also present were artists from the groups Rare Facts, Green Tails, Iron Deer, The Pink Power Band, La Resaka, Dance Inc. and ZAZ. Manuel Cazares and Agustín Martínez were among the winners.

Gavica said that it is about taking the fine arts from the four walls to public places and that is why the Sister Cities Park has been chosen in a great event that will start at 6:20 in the afternoon next Saturday with Mirabras Flamenco, after Dance INC, The Green Tails, again Dance INC, then Iron Deer, EPDM, ZAZ Tribute to Queen. At 9 o’clock in the evening the awards ceremony will be given to the four winners and then Alejandro Marcovich will arrive; then Rare Facts to close at the stroke of midnight with the group La Resaka.

It was said that the awards to artists is for their contribution to the arts and their community. The four have a long and extensive career in different artistic disciplines that have “inspired hundreds of children and young people of Mazatlan and other places, making them better citizens and raising their quality of life.”

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