AMLO will create a company to provide internet for all of Mexico


On tour in Nayarit, the President accused that the concessionaires do not take the Internet service to the towns because “they have only looked for the business”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that his government will create a company to communicate on the Internet to 80 percent of the national territory that does not have this service.

This was revealed during his tour of Nayarit, where he accused that the companies that have had the concession to connect the country, “have only looked for the business”, which is why, he said, “they do not provide the service in the remote towns” .

“How much of the country is communicated through the Internet? Only 20 percent of the national territory, 80 percent there is no internet.

“So, what are we going to say, with great respect to the companies that have had the concessions and have not communicated to the country? ‘Go aside because now the government is going to have your company to communicate with the internet to all Mexicans, that is the commitment, “he said.

Source: milenio

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