AirHelp ranking evaluates Aeromexico as the third best airline in the world


Aeroméxico had an overall rating of 8.07 in the AirHelp ranking, which places Qatar Airways first.

Aeroméxico came in third place in the ranking of the best airlines worldwide, prepared by AirHelp, a company specializing in air passenger rights.

The AirHelp Score list evaluates the service of aviation companies, their punctuality and their treatment of passengers in times of trouble.

The Mexican airline obtained a score of 7.8 in punctuality, 8.4 in quality of service and 8.0 in claims management; with this, he obtained a general score of 8.07.

In the first place of the ranking was Qatar Airways, with a score of 8.23, and second, American Airlines, with 8.07 as well.

The fourth place, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, also obtained 8.07. The jump-off occurred because the American company had a better score in claims management than Aeromexico, while Aeroméxico had better punctuality and quality of service than the Nordic airline.

The top 10 places in the AirHelp ranking is made up as follows:

  1. Qatar Airways – 8.23
  2. American Airlines – 8.07
  3. Aeromexico – 8.07
  4. SAS Scandinavian Airlines – 8.07
  5. Qantas – 8.04
  6. LATAM Airlines – 8.01
  7. WestJet – 7.96
  8. Luxair – 7.90
  9. Austrian Airlines – 7.90
  10. Emirates – 7.80

Source: airhelp

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