The archaic model of political parties in Mexico


The promise of the Morena party in the campaign was to change everything. What you see in these first months is a complex reality where things are the same and even getting worse.

Morena was painted as a party that promised to be a new process of change for the popular masses, which would create the new social philosophy, which would solve the needs of the people and with this offer swept the last elections. After six months we began to see the internal movements and the fierce struggles that show that, on the one hand, this offer has not been fulfilled and we begin to see great disappointments from the militants.

The story is that many floating voters, who without any political preference voted for Morena, really bought the story that the country was in a disastrous situation, so they voted for a different option, voted for a change, voted and were with a great hope But the harsh reality is reaching them, by the decisions of the leader of the party, many of them are unemployed, resenting the rise in insecurity and without having fulfilled their hopes so offered, apparently in that party they start to run disappointed ” living forces of that movement. “

They begin to see the traditional lawsuits for the candidacies, just as it was in the PRI. It is enough to see the example of the election in Puebla; Even recently in the land of the very leader of the party, the PRI won the election to Morena. What is happening? Was it easy to promise, is it very complex to govern and fulfill?

Morena was born as an agglutinator of social deception, but in reality and before the ambition of politicians of all levels and in all states, it has not been able to consolidate or comply, with a harsh austerity rule in the government, in front at the request of a Franciscan sacrifice and that officials and militants behave like politicians in the time of Juarez, the movement starts to water like all political movements Mexicans without money. Here is remembered that famous phrase of Carlos Hank González, who said that a poor politician is a poor politician, for the simple and simple reason that in Mexico the political will of the people is bought with money. And the promised money has not yet arrived and there is a risk that when it comes labeled in the name of the leader, the old practices of Mexican clientelism will cause a shock to the party.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of Morena to the central power of the government, politics in Mexico, the political and democratic system, went into recession, stopped. This thanks to their vision of politics, economy, and society; unfortunately we entered a time machine and went back 40 years, back to the clientelistic system of the powerful political party agglutinating the masses, as if we were in the 70s of the last century.

The preferences of friends, favoritism, power quotas, as well as palace intrigues, return and it is seen that the excessive ambitions, the leading roles of dark interests of power in the face of the next electoral process, make theirs again before the fragile one’s structures that the party in power is now showing.

Source: forbes

The Mazatlan Post