Mexico’s president just said no to U.S. cash to fight drug crime


AMLO seeks to disappear Merida Initiative and redirect resources to development

The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that his government wants to disappear the Merida Initiative and that the resources previously received by Mexico from the US government for military cooperation are destined to the development and creation of jobs.

The secretary of Public Safety and Citizen Protection, A Alfonso Durazo announced in an interview with Milenio that the Mexican government seeks President Donald Trump accepts to reorient the resources of the Mérida plan for regional development or the consolidation of the National Guard.

In his press conference, the President confirmed these efforts but added that what he wants is for the Mérida plan to disappear completely and the resources previously invested in this strategy to focus on the development of Mexico and Central America, and the Mexican government will take over the National Guard.

“We want the Merida Initiative to be completely reoriented because that has not worked, we do not want cooperation for the use of force, we want cooperation for development, we do not want the so-called Mérida Initiative, the proposal we are making is In the development plan for the Southeast and the Central American countries, we want the investment to be dedicated to productive activities and the creation of jobs.

“We do not want armed helicopters, we do not want resources for other types of military support, what we want is production and work,” he said.

When asked specifically if the idea is that ” Merida Initiative would disappear completely and go to the development plan,” the President confirmed that “yes, only the development plan, that is our proposal and the Guardia we have a way of financing it. without requiring those funds, only development.

” He insisted that his government seeks cooperation for development and not as it happened in previous governments, military cooperation or for the use of force.

“This has more to do with creating jobs than having military aircraft or helicopter gunships, it’s something else, it’s another approach and they are already understanding this approach.

“I remember that in past governments even the ambassador of the United States and the Mexican authorities were taking pictures when they brought helicopters and for what? If the young people were not looked after, if there was no work or welfare, the young people were left in the hands of delinquency, of enganchadores, we care about the focus of development, production, work, attention to young people, well-being.

” López Obrador said that his government does not need cooperation in terms of training on the part of the US government for Mexican soldiers or new elements of the National Guard, since the Mexican Army and the Navy have sufficient capacity for this issue; In addition, the priority is that human rights are not violated and the moderate use of force is applied.

Source: milenio

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