Mazatlan gas station fined 800 thousand pesos by PROFECO


One of the gas stations that refused to be verified by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency and that was awarded a penalty of 800 thousand pesos, is in Mazatlan.

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According to the list released by PROFECO, it is the “Gasolinera y Servicios de Mazatlán“, but it was not specified which one it was.

 The Attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, reported the operation reñizadp nationwide last week, which ended with the immobilization of pumps in 50 stations.

Of the 12 thousand 500 gas stations in the country, random samples were taken for the verification of 125.

He said that of the dispatching pumps that they immobilized, in 41 it was for not giving full liters AND of those 125, only twelve refused to allow the inspectors of the Attorney General’s Office will apply the review, including the one located in Mazatlan; that forced them to apply a fine of 800 thousand pesos. But that will not end everything, because according to the law they are obliged to allow verification and accompanied by the public force they will return to those stations.

The price of liter of fuel in those stations is in the same as others and it should be mentioned that there have been no complaints about possible incomplete liters. 

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