Best hard shell Tacos in Mazatlan


“ Birria Tacos y Carnitas Michoacanas”

* The broth is “can wake up the dead”

José Luis Zepeda Cortés, proudly from Michoacán of Tierra Caliente, through Apatzingán, prepares very well the “birria michoacana”, in addition to the pork carnitas, but much better are the golden tacos of beef that are “awsome” and a broth “levantados”, special for crudos “hungover remedy”, energy breakfast, sleepless nights or just getting home from a all nighter.

Every day, from an early hour, in the corner of the avenues Jabalíes and Venados, in the Infonavit Jabalíes area, people arrive to have some delicious golden tacos, some drowned, accompanied by sauces that are “criminal”. Seasoning and taste is the best in the house, José Luis says with satisfaction.

He says that he prepares a sauce of chile de árbol that is ” Querida” and another, also with chile de árbol but that he adds oil, peanut, garlic and sesame, people even buy it for a quarter and even for half a liter to carry.

In the preparation of the golden taco, says José Luis, which is the same meat of the birria. He says that after sewing the meat in the mornings, he removes about 5 liters of broth and with it he gives a half bathed to the taco that immediately goes to the comal to brown it. He needs to grab an omelette, put the meat in it, put cheese in it, bathe it with broth and brown it.

Finally, I said that the golden tacos can be “drowned” in a deep dish with more broth, like “drowned cakes from Guadalajara”, although the business is called “Tacos y Carnitas Michoacanas”.

José Luis says that his business is a favorite place to eat for such artists, such as the “Charly” of the Banda de El Recodo and even politicians, such as Fernando Pucheta.

Karen, daughter of José Luis, says that they also have soft tacos of pork rinds, as well as curds and beans. He says that the sauces are his success.

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