Senate votes in favor of guaranteeing free access and transit on Mexican beaches.



The Chamber of Deputies endorsed 406 votes in favor, seven against and 20 abstentions, adding various provisions to the General Law of National Assets, to guarantee free access and transit on the beaches.

Without debate, the opinion was turned over to the Senate of the Republic for its constitutional effects and states that access to the maritime beaches and the maritime federal zone adjacent to them cannot be inhibited, restricted, hindered or conditioned, except in cases that establish the regulation.

The document details that in the event that there are no public roads or access from public roads, owners of land adjacent to the federal maritime land area must allow free access to it.

The above, through the accesses that the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources agrees with the owners for the effect , mediating compensation in the terms established by the regulations.

The document establishes that the Measurement and Update Unit in force will be sanctioned with a fine of between three thousand and up to 12 thousand times to the owners of land adjacent to the federal maritime land zone or the holders of concessions, permits, authorizations and destination agreements. of the use of the federal maritime terrestrial zone that by any means or act prevents, inhibits, restricts, hinders or conditions the access.

In the case of holders of concessions, permits, authorizations and destination agreements regarding the use of the federal maritime land area, in case of residence, in addition to the aforementioned sanction, the concession, authorization or permit will be revoked, observing in what is conducive.

The deputy of Movimiento Ciudadano, Julieta Macías Rábago, said that the opinion responds to the need to create conditions for citizens to be able to exercise their right to free beaches.

He stressed that the amendments correct the part of normative rigor in which “those who unduly pretend to take advantage of our nation’s goods without having a legitimate right to do so and to the detriment of society as a whole, have taken shelter.”

Source: excelsior

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