4 Mexicans and 2 other foreigners are found guilty of drug trafficking in China;


Four Mexicans and two other foreigners were sentenced Tuesday by a southern Chinese court for their alleged participation in an international methamphetamine trafficking operation.

The Jiangmen Intermediate People’s Court in Guangdong province sentenced 11 people who authorities said produced more than 63 kilograms (139 pounds) of methamphetamine .

The individuals received sentences of life imprisonment or death that were suspended for a period of two years. In a statement, the court did not specify the sentences that each accused received.

Nor did it provide all identities.

The defendants also include a Canadian and an American identified as Mark Swidan, 44, of Houston. The Chinese court sentenced him to death.

His mother, Katherine Swidan, told Houston’s KTRK television that her son has been detained since his arrest in 2012.

The Dui Hua Foundation, a humanitarian group that works with China on criminal justice issues and is based in San Francisco, said a US consulate official called Swidan’s mother to confirm the sentence.

The foundation said prosecutors recommended that it receive a lesser penalty

Source: sinembargo

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