Mayan Train studies cost go up 710%


The number of studies to be carried out was increased and that of others already contemplated was increased; a security strategy is foreseen to protect employees from risks due to insecurity.

In its planning stage, the Mayan Train accelerates costs. In the last six months, the amount requested by the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur) to carry out pre-investment studies increased 710%, from 120 to 972 million pesos, and among the risk factors is already mentioned kidnapping, extortion and trafficking of drugs and people, so it is necessary to create a security strategy for their employees, contractors, and suppliers during execution.

“The increase is due to the fact that the number of studies to be carried out also increased. It is also important to point out that, when the present project was registered, the amount of studies was estimated, and the amounts were adjusted to the authorized budget in the 2019 Federal Expenditures Budget for said projects, 120 million pesos, “the agency explained.

In the sixth version of the technical file delivered to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to request the resources (dated April 16, the first is October 29, 2018), the studies to be carried out are mentioned in greater detail before the construction of the train, which is scheduled for January 2020.

For example, the issue of environmental feasibility , which has been one of the most questioned since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the project, is the one that will have the most resources. The amount estimated by Fonatur to pay for its realization went from 14 to 184 million pesos, despite the fact that there is already a collaboration agreement on this issue with the National Polytechnic Institute.

The archaeological rescue studies in the Mayan area increased from 7 to 95 million pesos and, for the first time, 40 million pesos were requested for the analysis of soil mechanics.

Among the arguments of Fonatur to justify greater budgetary resources is that they searched CompraNet and “identified some studies of a similar nature contracted in other infrastructure projects and, based on the amounts recorded by type of specialty, the parameterization was made in proportion to the magnitude of the Mayan Train project in order to estimate the amounts to be hired. “

In addition, it was assured that there was consultation from other international sources.

There will be a security plan

In the area for the master plan, a management tool that clearly and completely develops the objectives, principles and strategies to be followed, the request was increased from 20 to 120 million pesos, and includes technical advice for the structuring of the train, the conceptual blueprint for new communities, basic engineering and the master safety plan.

On the last point, Fonatur considers that it is necessary to contract this service to achieve “the reduction of potential risks in the areas in which the construction work will be carried out, so it will have to be designed, monitored and control all aspects of security in each and every one of the phases, locations and sections of the project where all the needs and requirements are reflected in the design and management “. Other elements to consider are social nonconformity, theft of material and illegal immigration.

The elaboration of a master plan is fundamental for the proper development of the train, because it determines its planning and design, including the various engineering necessary to integrate the executive project.

To date, Fonatur has directly assigned three contracts related to the preinvestment studies referred to.

The technical assistance in the master program, preselection of line and estimate of demand of the Mayan Train is in charge of Steer Davies & Gleave Mexico, for which 23.8 million pesos will be paid. The economic-financial advice for the structuring of the project was granted to PwC and will charge 32 million pesos, while the contract for legal advice service is provided by Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow and it refers to an amount of 44 million pesos.

In all three cases, the validity is from March 19 to December 31 of this year.

The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) published on Tuesday the call for bids, on a national basis, to elect the company or consortium that carries out the basic engineering for the construction of the Mayan Train, for which it established a maximum reference amount of 418 million pesos.

The deadline for execution of the largest number of works disseminated so far, in the seven sections of railroad that make up the 1,525 km of the project, is eight months, and includes the layout of the route and the first recommendation of the type of trains to be used. to give the service. In an exceptional way, Fonatur considered it necessary to prepare an informative workshop, on May 15, with those interested in participating in the process, in order that the clarification meeting stage, scheduled for May 27, be more agile and able adequately comply with the delivery of technical and economic proposals on July 5. The date referred to make the ruling known is July 22 next.

Other engineering studies to be performed are: cartography and topography, geology, geology, geotechnics and geophysics, hydrology, geohydrology and drainage, tunnels, stations and the effects on roads, railways, roads and existing roads.

Source: el economista

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