Up to 30 years in prison for those who seize toll booths in Mexico


Faced with the seizure of toll booths that have been registered in different parts of the country in recent weeks, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) reported that these actions are considered a federal crime and that the sanction can range from 15 days to 30 years. jail. 

The Office of the Public Prosecutor pointed out that communication channels not only facilitate the transport of goods and people, but were built with the intention of communicating to society and over the years “these roads have become a key point for the development and infrastructure of any country. “

The FGR indicated that said infrastructure provides access to schools, hospitals, factories and businesses “enriching society and generating a constant development,” and that interfering with or altering any of these channels is considered a crime that the Federal Criminal Code qualifies as a ” direct attack “on communication channels. In this regard, he explained that Book Two, Title Five, Chapter I of the Federal Criminal Code states that the penalties for these behaviors can range from 15 days to 30 years in prison depending on the severity.

The institution stated that the communications routes are economic strengths and that they are considered as such, roads, highways, maritime and rail areas, as well as telecommunications networks.

Source: el universal, frontera.info

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