Two women fly out of motorcycles in Mazatlan


Two accidents in different parts of the port leave three people injured and in the hospital

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Two women and one man are injured in motorcycle accidents that occurred in different parts of the port.

At 12:30 a.m. on Juan Pablo II a motorcyclist lost control of his unit and skidded due to excessive speed and was seriously injured by a blow to the head.

The witnesses immediately called emergency numbers, minutes later paramedics arrived to give him first aid and transfer him to a hospital.

At 01:30 hours on Avenida Del Mar in front of the pulmonia monument, a motorcyclist made a bad maneuver and caused him to lose control and climb a ridge.

The passenger of the motorcyclist who was riding on the back of the sports bike, when he lost control of the unit, let go and fell to the asphalt. 

The couple was accompanied by a woman and a man traveling on a green sports motorcycle, the woman seeing her friends pulled loose and also ended up falling to the asphalt.

The witnesses called emergency numbers to ask for the presence of paramedics and minutes later Red Cross elements arrived to give first aid to the two women who were identified as Marissa “N”, 27, and Angela “N “28 years old. 

Source: la sirena

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