Topolobampo Sinaloa: International environmentalists recognize fight against Ammonia Plant


“The fight continues,” said Ulises Pinzón, tourism service provider and member of the collective Aquí no! against the construction and operation of the Ammonia Plant in Topolobampo in a wetland of international importance, “We have studied the case a lot, it is not just words, we have documents that support it,” said the young defender of the ecology of that area . This in response to the recent trip made by a group of fishermen and inhabitants of communities that have filed protections against the project, visited Trinidad and Tobago where the company PROMAN has industry. Regardless of the position they take, they will continue the fight, “the fight continues, we are not going to let four, five people decide for the majority if they come back with another perspective,

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Researchers from other areas of the state and the country join the position of local academics and researchers regarding the refusal to build and operate in that site located in the Bay of Ohuira, warn potential risks. “Due to oceanographic studies, it is known that there is a lot of current at that point, so there is a potential risk of an accident due to the speed of the current,” said Teresa Leticia Espinosa, researcher at CIIDIR IPN Sinaloa regarding the construction project. a dock for said plant.

The struggle led by fishermen, tourism service providers and members of the communities accompanied by environmentalists and researchers has been echoed internationally. Civil Society Transitions of Denver, Colorado, an NGO that studies social movements, defense of territory and environment, has considered this movement legitimate and has shown interest in this case.

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