After discriminating against tourists, they suspend hotel-restaurant in Zacatecas


Within the first inquiries of the verifying authorities, it was found that the entrance was conditioned in the place and it was detected that the tip was charged.

Zacatecas – The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Oce (Profeco) suspended the restaurant of the Hotel who claimed they were removed from the place because of their clothes.

The authorities of the delegation of the Profeco in Zacatecas have confirmed that this inspection to the establishment was made yesterday Friday and was derived from the complaint that was led in the federal instance, which was turned over to the local representation.

The process was barely begun, but within the first inquiries of the verifying authorities, it was found that in this place the entrance to the restaurant was conditioned and it was detected that the tip was charged.

The formulation of the complaint was covered both in Article 1 of the Constitution that requires compliance with the respect for human rights , as well as Article 58 of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection that says: “The supplier of goods, products or services can not deny or condition the consumer for reasons of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious or any other particularity .

In addition to establishing that suppliers of goods and services offered to the general public, they may not establish preferences or discrimination with regard to the applicants for the service, such as selection of clientele, conditioning of consumption, reservation of the right of admission, exclusion to persons with disabilities and other similar practices, except for causes that affect the safety or tranquility of the establishment, its clients or disabled persons “.

It is noteworthy that the event was recorded last Sunday, when a group of four tourists who were dressed in suspenders, shorts and shorts entered breakfast at the Emporio Hotel restaurant, who assured that when they were sitting at the table and ready to ask their food, the security personnel came to ask them to leave the place, because they were not dressed properly to stay in that place, although they considered that it could also be because of their sexual preference .

When asked, Juaquin Herrera confirmed that he led the complaint with Profeco and Conapred on April 24.

He explained that the next day the Attorney General’s Oce notified him that his complaint had been led and the case number was given, and finally on Friday, personnel from the Verification and Surveillance Department of the Profeco Zacatecas delegation communicated to confirm that it would begin. with the verification process in the establishment.

He mentioned that he is pending the conclusion of the process by Profeco, and considered that he decided to proceed because he  4/29/2019 After discriminating against tourists, they suspend hotel restaurant in Zacatecas must leave an apprenticeship to everyone, and believes that it is necessary to recognize and respect the human rights that are established in international treaties, since one is non-discrimination.

Therefore, it asks the state congresses to issue pronouncements addressed to the secretariats of tourism and the Association of Hotels and Motels so that they voluntarily adjust their regulations and comply fully with human rights to avoid violating international laws and treaties

Source: el universal, el sol de zacatecas

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