Ministry of the Interior asks migrants to respect Mexican laws


Sánchez Cordero the head of the Ministry of the Interior acknowledged that the “phenomenon of Central American and other countries’ migration is not caused by Mexico.

Given the growing migratory flow in the country , the head of the Ministry of the Interior ( Segob ), Olga Sánchez Cordero , called on Central Americans and citizens of other nations to respect the laws and Mexican authorities, as well as to accept their registration as a precondition to decide your quality of stay in Mexico.

In a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón , he said that presidential instructions address the human rights of foreigners in the country as part of the migration policy of the current federal administration, which includes the registration of undocumented immigrants. as a precondition, in addition to contributing to the economic and social development of the countries of the Central American zone.

The official acknowledged that the “phenomenon of Central American and other countries migration is not caused by Mexico, but we are determined to be part of your attention”.

He said that as part of the program to care for the undocumented, the regional card for Central American migrants was extended to the citizens of Honduras and El Salvador, so that the authorities of the National Institute of Migration (INM) can guide them and remain in the country. country in an orderly manner.

The official explained that in the first three months of the year almost 300,000 people have passed through the country, which is a sign of the changes in the country’s migration policy compared to the previous administration.

He stated that there has been an unusual flow of migrants from Central America and the Caribbean, although they have also arrived in the country, in order to continue on their way to the United States, people from Asia and Africa.

Regarding the comment made in which he said that a “caravan mother” would meet from different countries heading to Mexico, composed of 20 thousand people, said the caravan was not concentrated, however, since then six caravans have been made that qualified as “mother caravans” and each one has been integrated by more than two thousand people.

Sánchez Cordero acknowledged that the “phenomenon of Central American migration and that of other countries is not caused by Mexico, but we are determined to be part of its attention”.

In turn, the Under Secretary for Human Rights, Population and Migration, Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez, reiterated that the country considers migrants as persons who can access the fullness of their human rights, although he assured that they are also obligated to comply with the law.

He added that Mexico’s migration policy does not separate families traveling together.

At the same time, Ebrard Casaubón announced that on May 7 he will travel to the United States to improve the bilateral relationship on issues such as migration in which, he added, Mexico “is not told what to do.”

Source: el economista

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