Mazatlan will fight for being the ‘greenest city’ of all Latin America


This Friday starts its participation in the City Nature Challenge 2019, with which they intend to document the natural wealth of the municipality with 10 thousand photographs.

From this Friday until next Monday 29 April, Mazatlan is it competing for the first challenging world in City Nature Challenge 2019 , with which aims to make it shine like the city with more contact with nature throughout Latin America .

Diego Barrales Alcaraz, Manager Paco’s Riveras Reserve Flora and Fauna of Mazatlan said the main objective of the participation in the contest is to encourage a direct connection of mazatlecos with their environment, so that the is valued natural wealth available to the municipality.

To this end, a program of activities has been designed in which the El Faro Natural Park Council, Paco’s Flora and Fauna Reserve, the Barrón telebachillerato, and three universities, including the Institute of Sciences and Limnology of the UNAM, participate. the UAS through the FACIMAR, starting this Friday at 9:00 in El Faro, where in a tour photographs will be taken to document and upload through the iNaturalist digital application.

Then at 11:30 am we will visit the intertidal zone close to the FACIMAR, while on Saturday at 9:30 am we will visit part of the Presidio River, in the ejido of Barrón, later at 3:30 pm the Estero del Yugo with the same mission, leaving for Sunday April 28 a visit to the natural reserve ‘Jinetes de Los Machado’, in a town near La Noria, closing on Monday with a tour in areas near the three islands of Mazatlan from 8:00 am, for which it has the support of the Municipal Government , through the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fisheries.

The organizers agreed that it is not necessary to be a naturalist expert to participate, as anyone with the desire to support the cause will be able to document unknown endemic species only with a camera phone and the installed iNaturalist application.

Source: tvpacifico

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