Once caretakers of the stars; The Maya now make clothing for NASA


Approximately 550 people between men and women who work in Grupo Asico Promex, located in the Industrial Park of Valladolid, in Mérida.

It is a pleasure to know that Mayan handcrafts are the ones that make clothes for NASA, among which are coats, shirts, coveralls, jackets, boats and special suits, made in Yucatan under a single premise: perfection.


Approximately 550 people between men and women who work in Grupo Asico Promex, located in the Industrial Park of Valladolid, in Mérida.

The company has provided training between three and six months to work in the maquiladora, which has first-line technology.

In detail

Grupo Alsico is a Belgian company that in addition to making garments for NASA, makes special clothing for scientists from international chemical laboratories and special suits such as steelmakers.

In its alliance with Promex, 10 months ago they arrived in Yucatan with an investment of 52 million pesos, and according to Adrián Carabias Anzorena, general manager of Grupo Alsico Promex, mentioned El Universal, they soon plan to expand their company to other municipalities, due to the conditions offered by the state and its people.

“The workforce of the Yucatecans is of great quality, in addition to being noble people who know and like to work, characteristics that have been attractive to the Alsico group,” he said.

Precise work

According to Carabias Anzorena, the work done there must be exact, because with the slightest difference in clothes, it can not be corrected and has to be discarded, which means losses for the company.

The industrial equipment is operated by Yucatecan personnel, who with a designed and approved design sew the garments that should not have any kind of defect.

The director of Grupo Alsico Promex, explained that the fabric they use to make suits from NASA, is “cleaning room” , a synthetic polyester material with 2% polycarbonate, adding that for these orders NASA gives them very clear specifications and rigorous of what the team they commission should be, demanding the highest quality.

Among the features requested by NASA in their garments are that none of them can have static electricity or an accumulation of excess electrical charge (positive or negative), so that the clothes function as an insulator and not as a conductor of electricity.

According to Grupo Alsico Promex, workers earn a minimum of 1,743 pesos a week and can increase their salary with bonuses of productivity, punctuality and assistance.

According to Carabias Anzorena, people are “humble, noble, hardworking and of many abilities that allows them to learn quickly, unlike other parts of the country.”


Source: tuul.tv

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