Alerted: A dangerous new scam that arrived in Mexico: the “Sect Coaching”


Sects coaching: a new and dangerous type of scam that has arrived in Mexico.

A depressed, confused or simply sad person may be vulnerable to the insinuations of these new groups that are taking advantage of people’s desperation. It is about the so-called “Sects Coaching”.

This concept of recent arrival in Mexico is a new form of fraud that happens, dangerously, due to the physical and economic abuse of its victims.

Everything begins when, out of desperation, someone goes to these self-improvement cults that promise a quick recovery. They promise that the person will be able to face their psychological ills, straighten their life, get a better job, a couple, etc.

Once they attract the victim, the sects can become something slavish and abusive. Besides costing a small fortune to those who fall into their clutches.

In Mexico there are diverse sects coaching.

Here we give you some examples of the best known:


It is a rather obscure company that offers courses of personal improvement. The start of the courses has a cost of 6 thousand pesos.

They hook their victims with insults and shouts to lower their self-esteem and make them feel miserable. Then they convince them to buy their courses and force them to recruit new members and sell tickets for events and raffles.

It is estimated that, with its massive trainings of 160 people every five days, Mexworks generates profits of up to 960 thousand pesos per week.

In Argentina, this company has diverse demands of people with psychological and emotional damages.


This much more established company is dedicated to bombarding its victims psychologically and physically. Like Mexworks, he manages to make them feel miserable so that they want to improve themselves with the support of their courses.

The first course of this company has a cost of 5 thousand pesos, has a duration of five days, including weekends and offers an intensive introduction of 24 hours.

Stratega has demands from people for physical injuries caused by the dynamics of the courses.

CREO Coaching

The workshops are held indoors, without ventilation, dark and damp. They torture clients psychologically in a violent way until they break their will. The company then indoctrinates its victims to believe that their relatives or friends are enemies.

Witnesses believe that Creo Coaching is highly invasive.

After several tests, the client is forced to give away three months of work and get new recruits.

The introductory course costs 6 thousand pesos but the victims can pay up to 120 thousand pesos in the following months.

If you know of someone who has fallen into the clutches of these rapacious companies or is about to do so, warn them of the complete fraud they are. Life does not give easy solutions for money.