Culiacán Sinaloa will be a paradise for amapa trees “Tabebuia rosea”


The City Council reported that in their nurseries have grown this amount of trees, ready to be planted in the coming days

The urban landscape of Culiacán will be painted pink and yellow … and the City Council plans to plant 6,000 amapa trees, a native species of the region that flourishes at this time.

Rodolfo Audelo Avilés, sub-manager of Public Services and Infrastructure Maintenance, said that in their nurseries they already have half a growth this tree with the potential to reach up to 30 meters high. He indicated that very soon they will be planted to take advantage of the rainy seasons that are approaching.

“Currently, the City of Culiacán has about 6 thousand amapa plants, of which 4 thousand 500 are pink and 1,500 yellow. Those plants are already in planting stages, so in the coming months we will see them in the green areas, throughout the length and breadth of Culiacán, “he said.

“These plants are already up to one meter high, one meter and twenty centimeters. They are plants that have been produced here in the City Council’s nursery, but we also had extraordinary support from the El Sauz nursery, who donated around 3,000 plants, “he said.

He indicated that the different administrations of the City Council have planted amapas for a decade, and although they do not currently know the exact number of trees planted, the official assured that they will soon count this and other plants in Culiacán.

“It is a process that has already been around for 8, 10 years being carried out by other administrations. If you notice, there by the boulevard of the Hospital de la Mujer we have amapas as of a meter and a half that are already just blooming; these amapas will have about two years or two and a half years that were planted, “he said.

“We are doing an inventory, not only of the amapas, but of all the species that we have here in ridges, in green areas, in parks,” he added.

Rodolfo Audelo Avilés said that, in addition to the amapas, the City Council plans in the next months to plant one of the 40 native species that they have in their two nurseries in the Ernesto Millán Escalante Park and in Bachigualato.

“We have 40 species, typical of the region, which we are consulting to see which are the most suitable for Culiacán. The idea is that they are plants that, apart from endemic, are ornamental as well as amapa: that give a beautiful landscaping to Culiacán, “he said.

“We have about 120 thousand plants, between ornaments and trees. We have what is the venadillo, what is the guásima, the mesquite, the guamúchil … plants resistant to heat that need little water and help the ecosystem, help the fauna, the bees, the hummingbirds, the reptiles and insects. They are very noble plants that help a lot, “he said.

Source: noroeste

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