Sinaloa authorities start the “Semana Santa” Holy Week holidays operation


The governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel invites not to drive under the influence of alcohol or be distracted by cell phones, to avoid accidents during this Holy Week.

With the participation of 8 thousand 500 elements of all the police, rescue and aid corporations, such as Civil Protection, Red Cross and Firefighters, yesterday began the Security Operation of Holy Week 2019.

Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, accompanied by his wife, Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, and various authorities, gave the symbolic signal and the exit to dozens of patrols, motorcycle patrols ambulances, cranes and helicopters, from the Esplanade of the port of Altata. which will safeguard the safety of tourists through tours in the various recreational centers.

During his message, Ordaz Coppel emphasized the importance of the participation of society to achieve zero injuries.

As much as there is an army of elements and volunteers who will be providing assistance, if preventive measures are not taken by the vacationers themselves, accidents can be recorded, as has happened in previous years.

” That people get more involved to avoid fights and avoid problems, and that everyone returns to their homes after the holiday period ,” he explained.

The state chief exhorted the citizens to keep the beaches and recreational sites clean of garbage and give the best image to the thousands of tourists who will visit Sinaloa, to return.


For his part, the director of Civil Protection, Francisco Vega Meza, invited the population to take preventive measures and call 911 before any emergency. He announced that in recent days there have been incidents of stingrays.

” There are some signs of stingray stings for some weeks, mainly in the northern zone.” However, he indicated that they will remain alert to any incident.

Vega Meza said that there are some beaches where camping is not allowed, as Ponce beach, since from the incidents that have arisen, joined to the sea of ​​bottom that there is, this year it will not be allowed, like measurement of prevention.

” For us all areas are risky, zero risk does not exist, ” he said.

The state delegate of the Red Cross, Arturo Ramos, invited the citizens to use the seatbelt; In addition, he exhorted not to use the cell phone while driving, since it is the main cause of motor vehicle accidents.

In the same sense, the Secretary of Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, explained that the objective of this operation is to guarantee the security of the population.

Source: El Debate

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