Rosalinda Trujillo Mariel, to head new Mexican National Guard


The first woman in charge of the Scientific Division of the Federal Police, author of 28 books and originally from Veracruz, Rosalinda Trujillo Mariel will represent that police force before the National Guard.

Originally from Veracruz and a surgeon by the University of that state, in October 2016 Patricia Rosalinda Trujillo Mariel became the founder and head of the Scientific Division of the Federal Police, thus becoming the first woman to occupy this position within the corporation. We recommend you: AMLO presents the command of the National Guard This morning she was designated as the representative of the Federal Police in the Institutional Operative Coordination of the National Guard.

Trujillo Mariel has carried out examinations of promotion of position being the first woman that obtained the rank of General Commissioner in the Federal Police in 2017.

With 54 years of age (December 20, 1964), she is the author of 28 books and a coauthor in six related to forensic medicine, criminology, and toxicology. Among them:

Power, society and structure. A look at pain from a social perspective Letters alone Methodology of criminal investigation The history of the criminal clinic Dynamic criminology. Essays, reflections and criminological proposals What anger inherits you Dynamic criminology

She has three doctorates, two postdocs, one master’s degree, and 34 diploma courses. It also has nine Honoris Causa. In 2016, she was named Doctor of the Year by the International Health Confederation.

Part of her career has placed her in the ranking of the 100 most influential Mexicans, according to Forbes.

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