In order to recover investor confidence; Mexico officials analyze reversing decision of NAIM cancelation


In times of campaign, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised to canceled the construction of the New International Airport of Mexico (NAIM), through a citizen consultation, illegal in nature.

Many of his supporters applauded such a decision, but almost the entire business sector of the country – including Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the current member of the Business Advisory Council – predicted that such action would only harm the country’s economy.

And it seems that the forecasts did not fail, because according to El Universalcolumnist , Alberto Barranco, in his opinion article entitled:   “Bet on Reverse at the airport” 02/04/2019 ; the head of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Alfonso Romo, already discusses reversing the cancellation of the NAIM.

Due to the pressure exerted by important businessmen, the Monterrey official is considering proposing to López Obrador, that the best decision would be for the new air terminal to be finished in Texcoco, as this will restore the confidence of the investors.

As has transpired, Romo has great influence on the Tabasco politician ” AMLO”, which will take to make such an approach; although in advance, it is known, that Lopez is hardly going to retract something like that.

But the reality is almost a fact that the country will not reach the 4 percent of economic growth -which it promised-, even, several specialists already predicted that Mexico will only grow 1.9 percent this 2019.

Source: la otra opinion

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