The Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship arrives again to Mazatlan


With Amsterdam, it totals 43 cruise ships that have arrived in Mazatlan so far this year, with more than 155 thousand visitors on board.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam arrived again at the port of Mazatlan, from Cabo San Lucas, with 2,539 passengers and 825 crew members. Your entrance to the dock of the Integral Port Administration (API) occurred at approximately 07:00 hours, and you will continue your maritime journey at 18:00 hours, bound for Puerto Vallarta.

The tourist cruise Nieuw Amsterdam. 

The cruise passengers who descended made tours of the different points of tourist interest in the city, El Quelite, La Noria, also visiting Copala and Concordia, generating an important economic benefit. This is the third occasion that arrives in the city, the previous ones were on March 20, transferring 2,786 people; A week later he did it with 3,210 visitors, and the one he had this day.

Source: El Debate

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