Urban transport is guaranteed in Mazatlan, rumor of a strike FALSE


Feliciano Valle Sandoval, delegate of Roads and Transportation, clarifies that there is no strike called for this Monday

Mazatlan, Sin.- There is no transport stoppage in Mazatlan, the service is guaranteed on Monday and permanently, said the director of roads and transportation of the government of Sinaloa, Feliciano Valle López.

“There is no such thing, we have talked with all the leaders and it was only a rumor of social networks that it is necessary to point out that everything is fine”.


The state official added that this afternoon he spoke with representatives of concessionary organizations such as Rodolfo Osuna Osuna from the Urban Transport Alliance of Mazatlan, Juan Zataráin, leader of Águilas del Pacífico and Miguel Loaiza Pérez, leader of the CNOP Federation, who guaranteed the service and They said they did not know about such a site.

Regarding the communiqué issued by the municipality of Mazatlán, where it offered support with 400 vehicles in the event of a possible paralysis of the urban service, he said he did not know why, but he insisted that there is no stoppage of public transport.

Source: linea directa

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