The second stage of ‘Muévete Chilo’ public bike rentals in Mazatlán, will be at the Linear Park


The secretary of Sustainable Development in Sinaloa said that the people have responded well to the program and that caused it to spread to other areas of the port, as well as in other municipalities.

Given the success of the first stage of the “Muévete Chilo” program with just over 70 bicycles in the Malecón area, the Secretariat of Sustainable Development is ready to start the second phase in Mazatlan and extend to other municipalities as Los Mochis as well as the capital Sinaloa, Culiacán.

Carlos Gandarilla García, head of Sedesu explained that the number of bicycles provided by the VBike company will be increasing to more than 350 units with modules in the Linear Park, as well as other points in the tourist area such as Olas Altas and the Historic Center, where They have already started to park them.

“Incorporate in a commitment we have with the municipal authorities of the Linear Park and that the public bicycle can be available there and in parallel or at the same time try to expand the Historic Center area”.

He noted that after more than a month of launching the service, the company has not reported incidents, except for a mishap of a user who apparently fell from the unit without suffering serious injuries; and he assured that the population has made good use of bicycles.

“We make a call and an invitation in general to the people of Mazatlan, who visit the port on weekends or holidays to continue to care for it, because it will depend on the care given by citizens to have a longer stay “

Gandarilla García explained that this program started in order to give cities greater mobility due to the growth they have and will seek to reach areas with greater convergence of people due to the existence of meeting or commercial centers.

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