Projected improvements in El Quemado Sinaloa to be part of rural tourism circuit


MAZATLÁN.- Seeking to offer national and foreign visitors an attraction outside the urban area, the Government of Mazatlan will integrate El Quemado, a place of peace and work, to the rural tourist circuit that currently make up El Quelite and La Noria, with the objective of boost economic and tourism growth in this region.

This project that is intended to start from April, includes improvements in infrastructure of the town, as well as the introduction of drainage, campaign promise made by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who has the firm purpose of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of all of Mazatlan.

Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez, director of municipal Welfare and Social Development, during the announcement of this project in the culinary exhibition that took place in the square of El Quemado, stressed that this administration is focused on the policy of supporting the most remote localities of the city, so it will address in them the lack of housing, electrification and introduction of drainage and drinking water, an issue that will work in the construction of wells or wells to solve the issue.

“The drainage is an unavoidable need that we have to get out here, it’s a commitment and it comes out, it goes out,” the municipal official said.

Meanwhile, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, general manager of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan (Jumapam), reported that a treatment plant is planned in the town, with which there would need to be networks and the water would be reused for irrigation.

“To see the cost we have to see the amount of sewage generation, we are doing the study and depending on that and the number of inhabitants we are going to calculate the size of the plant,” he said.

Raúl Carvajal Tirado, director of Housing and Tenure of the municipal land, revealed that in the first stage of the image improvement in which 2 million pesos would be invested, the construction of the welcoming arch, a botanical garden in which aims to preserve the species of flora and fauna of the area, an open-air theater, as well as a court for the game of ulama.

He added that, in a second stage, the improvement of sidewalks, gardens and the construction of a parian would be made in which the various food products and typical sweets manufactured by inhabitants would be offered, as well as ornamental fish and quail that are raised in this location.

We will make it more attractive to tourists, to anyone who wants to come and feel at ease, we have much to offer in this community.

In a third stage, Carvajal Tirado said, the church and the square will be remodeled and a garden with a fountain will be established in the middle of these sites.


The Mazatlan Post