Goat Island in Mazatlan


The island of the goats in Mazatlan, also known as the Cerro de los Chivos, is a hill that is attached to the Isla de la Piedra by a path that takes you to this place.

I stop being an island when the breakwater was built that joined it to the Island of the Stone to turn it into a hill.

El Cerro del Chivo Beach in Mazatlan

This beach has almost no waves, it always looks calm and its water looks transparent.

On the beach there are several restaurants so you do not worry about bringing your food and enjoy seafood in front of the sea.

Do not rely on the apparent tranquility of the beach and be careful to the currents that can form. 

On the beach, there are several great restaurants so you do not worry about bringing your food.

How to get to the hill of the goats 

To get to this place there are 2 options, you can arrive in a panga from one of the jetties and take a taxi from the island to the island of Chivos. The round trip to the island costs 30 pesos. The taxi varies depending on which pier you leave.

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If you leave the pier of the CROM (next to the ferry’s, you can walk to the place.

It can be reached by driving to the place that is at the end of the chivas breakwater. Located on Florentino Perez street on the Island of La Piedra.

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