Ireland offers Mexicans higher education opportunities


Education in Ireland offers programs for applicants to study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees

Ireland has just presented a program called “Education in Ireland,” aimed at promoting more than ve thousand programs for applicants to undertake advanced studies with international recognition in one of their 33 education institutions

The project offers Mexicans an opportunity to enrich themselves with an experience that will impact their professional and personal lives. The best part is that the program does not require applicants to present Visas; student applications for the document will be made upon arrival to the country.

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“In Ireland, there have been 2,359 academic collaborations with international partners; research programs drive innovation and change lives,” said Barbara Jones, Ambassador of Ireland in Mexico

In a statement, the diplomat stressed that the country ranked among the most competitive economies globally, according to the Competitiveness Results of the 2018 AD. “Therefore,” she said “we invite Mexican students to continue to build, based on their talent, the greatness of our educational programs.”

The offer for undergraduate and postgraduate level includes the areas of Business, Engineering, Science and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Medicine, and Health Sciences.

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Ireland has become an European business center for more than a thousand leading multinational companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Intel, EA Games, and Genzyme, and courses may include job placement and internship opportunities, the embassy said.

For more detailed information on the Education in Ireland program, click here.

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