USA shields the border with barbwire; Tijuanans steal the wire for their houses


While in the United States it is sought to resolve the issue of the construction of the border wall, the USA decided to place fences of barbed wire on the border with Mexico, but these have been stolen and placed in private homes.

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According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) information, the frequent theft of barbed wire that is placed on the border between San Diego, California, and Mexico has been reported.

Marco Antonio Sotomayor, Secretary of Public Security of Tijuana, has confirmed the information. However, the official reported that, so far, there have been no arrests for the events.

“Unfortunately when these incidents occur, they are very fast. As far as the information comes, in many cases, or in most cases, we no longer find anyone, “said the secretary of Public Security.

According to local media reports, in a month and a half the number of houses in Tijuana, near the border , has increased , with barbed wire, curiously very similar to the one placed by the US government.

Source: azteca america

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