Mazatlans Playa Brujas “Waves that enchant”


Brujas is located at the northern end of the city of Mazatlan, passing the marina zone. It is the most exotic and semi-virgin beach of the port.

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This beach is the home of the great waves, which have made it a destination among water sports fans, especially surf fans.

Legend has it that this was the favorite beach for witches to perform rituals. Also, in the time of the pirates, they used to unload gold and precious stones in the caves that were in the nearby hills. The ambition of the Mazatlecos led them to try to reach those caves to obtain the hidden treasures, their surprise was that when they arrived there they found hundreds of bats that protected the entrance. In the end, no one could enter these caves and what rests inside it became a mystery, which suggests that they are still protected by witches and that is where the name was taken for this beach.

Of all the beaches of Mazatlan Bay, Brujas is one of the most special, because it enchants its visitors with its rebellious waves, paradisiacal views and if you are a fan of the Seafood Kitchen, you can be one of the delighted ones if you let the restaurant Mr. Lionso bewitches your palate with its delicious seasoning, cataloged as one of “The Best Seafood Kitchen in Mazatlan”.

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