Mexico: Congresswoman Tatiana Clouthier proposes eliminating the 32 multi-member Senators


Morena has had an accelerated legislative agenda. Suddenly it is intended to eliminate banking fees, then someone shouts that he is thinking of penalizing abortion at the national level and then transcendental laws arise such as the end of pensions to former presidents and the creation of an army to take care of the streets of the country. Now the deputy Tatiana Clouthier points to a total restructuring of the Mexican Senate.

The Sinaloan already has an initiative ready to eliminate the total of multi-member senatorships that the parties have as a gift each time a new legislature enters. This practice is already a tradition in Mexico and hundreds of politicians have achieved a seat in the upper house without requiring a single vote of Mexicans. It works well for the leaders of each party: a special list is created where certain names automatically enter the Senate.

Clouthier assures that this is not only advantageous, but also unfair. The intention of the morenista would be lethal for parties like the PRD at the moment, that conserves as soon as five representatives in the camera of senators (the majority remain there by the plurinominal route). It is then a cut of 32 legislators who acquired too much political power without having to enter the ballots.

This project would shake completely the current structure of the upper house and the work of several constant characters in Mexican politics.

If this initiative were active, say, Osorio Chong or Miguel Mancera, Dante Delgado or Lily Téllez would not have jobs. And it is that these and more characters entered fully to high positions in the upper house only because their political parties decided that they were good elements to head the lists. But let us remember that many of these charges are offered as political agreements ( Manuel Velasco and Moreno Valle tied multi-member senators to maintain their jurisdiction).

The opposition has clearly received the news with alert. PAN members hold second place in representation in the Senate and ensure that this type of action is a well-prepared plan by López Obrador to impose his party for decades in power. With the initiative of Tatiana, they have assured that they will vote against, since it is a practice that directly affects them as opponents to the obradorismo.

Clouthier has not lost popularity since he coordinated the Tabasco campaign. In principle rejected a charge as undersecretary of government and decided to stay in the Chamber of Deputies (with the governorship of Nuevo Leon in the sights for 2021 ). In addition, the morenista has decided to put strong initiatives in the Chamber of Deputies, which maintains an absolute majority of the morena party. There are also 500 deputies (too many compared to other countries) and right where Tatiana Clouthier came in, thanks to multi-member lists.

“I think that the parties have to be strengthened, and I think that this election leads all the parties to understand that something was wrong, they moved away from society and have to reconnect with it,” says Tatiana, assuring that she will have to work with proposals and a good political campaign to achieve the necessary votes and access the Senate. The opposition already prepares an alliance to stop the initiative and, if approved, will go to the Senate (where it will really impact fully).

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