El Rosario accepts the ‘Garbage Challenge’


Rosario Sinaloa.- In order to raise awareness and promote among the citizens of Rosario, the care of the environment, officials of the dependencies of IMJU, Social Action, Ecology and Tourism, this morning held the challenge “Garbage Challenge” on a road that leads to the receivership of Cacalotán.

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The viral challenge, consists of a before and after a cleanup to a site that is in terrible condition by accumulation of garbage generated not by natural causes, but by the human being.

“We carry out this challenge to promote citizenship in the care of the environment and public spaces, remember that the cleanest town is not the one that cleans the most, but the one that gets the least dirty,” said Pedro Zambrano, director of Ecology.

The officials and employees of the commune, collected around 12 bags, and requested vehicles to remove also rubble that was in the property; regretted that the neighbors are not aware of the evil they generate in these clandestine dumps.

At the end of the activity, launch a challenge through a video, towards DIF Rosario and the Julio Hernández secondary school, that is why, according to the viral rules of the challenge, they are given eight days to fulfill the objective.

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