Sinaloa: The first indigenous conti of Lent celebrations begin


With more than a thousand adult participants, young people and children dressed in indigenous costume, the indigenous tradition began in the community of San Miguel Zapotitlán.

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San Miguel Zapotitlán, Ahome, Sin.-  With extraordinary participation of approximately one thousand indigenous, the first conti of Lent 2019 begins.

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The indigenous tradition marks the beginning of their search for Jesus Christ, marching and dancing from each of their communities to the temple of San Miguel Arcángel, located in San Miguel Zapotitlán.

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It is an indigenous rite and tradition that is inherited generation after generation, where adults, youth and children dressed in costumes with multicolored flowers make their drums, rattles and tenábaris to start Lent.

“This group of indigenous people come from Guayabo, from the community of Las Bombas Ahome.”

The indegenous people hide behind masks representing the diversity of animals such as wild boars, goats, and deer, as well as devils and various characters from cartoons and movies, and respectfully dance invoking to find the Lord guided by chicoteros and Pilatos, accompanied by traditional governors indigenous, innovations that cause admiration and some fear among visitors

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The governor of the indigenous ceremonial center of the community of San Miguel Zapotitlan Concepción Valenzuela Velázquez made the invitation and the call to respect the celebrations of conti without excesses

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