My conscience is more valuable: Culiacan Police who returned money to bank


An ATM throws 40 thousand pesos by mistake, but two municipal police report this fact and the next day they return it to the bank

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- ” We cannot keep something that was not ours, ” said the two municipal policemen who returned 40,000 pesos to a banking institution, after a ATM expelled extra money by mistake. 

This act of honesty is worthy of social recognition, and municipal agents Eduardo and Javier did, with thirteen and five years of service in the corporation, respectively. 

This happened last Sunday at 7:15 am, when the police entered a bank. Javier introduced the card to the cashier, but before typing the PIN, bills started to come out.

Upon entering the place, a person left, so Javier thought that the money was hers, so he ran to look for her, but could not find her. Then he came back and grabbed the bills, although they started to get out more. At the end of the expulsion of money they counted the bills and they were 200 of 200 pesos.

They immediately called the number that was in the cashier, but an operator answered , so they reported the fact to her and their superior. The next day, the Municipal attorney communicated with his counterpart at the bank and agreed to the delivery of the money.

At the financial institution they were surprised and did not know why the ATM had thrown so much money out, so they were grateful for the return.


” Regardless of whether we are policemen or not, we are human beings, we have principles, a commitment to ourselves; we have family and the obligation to respect the law enforcement institution that we proudly belong too, “said Javier. 

For these policemen, the best payment for their act of honesty was the congratulations they received from family and friends. 

Although they are public servants with needs and debts, like any citizen, it never occurred to them to keep the money, and if they were in a similar situation again, they would return it. They said that having a clear conscience is much more valuable than money. 

Javier said that every day they perform acts of honesty, but they do not make themselves known because it is part of their job.

” I feel comfortable and satisfied to have received calls from my parents, from my brothers, congratulating myself for having done this action, and the truth is that I feel not even all the money that I could have left, would have made me feel the same “, He explained. 

The agents made the call to the citizenship so that if they find a cell phone, money or any object, do the right thing and return it.

Source: El debate

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