Sinaloan woman conquers space, NASA and the European Space Agency


Carmen Victoria Félix works in the European Space Agency but collaborates with NASA in different projects; invites those of their gender to always fight for their dreams.

Culiacán, Sin.- When I was a child and saw the sky, always knew that I wanted to get there, was prepared from a very young and now Carmen Victoria Félix Cháidez, originally from Culiacán and just 34 years old, is a leading woman in space security , because he works in the European Space Agency, which has allowed him to collaborate in different projects with the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space of the United States, better known as NASA.

Therefore, on this March 8, the day on which International Women’s Day is commemorated, it sends a message to those of its kind, who do not surrender and fight for their goals despite adversity.

“We still have certain things, for example, the difference in salaries, the difference in many things and that sometimes women discourage or decide to study a career not so absorbing and I would like if they have the concern they are encouraged.”

Engineer in Electronics and Communications by profession, currently working on different projects, one of them is the study of the different components for future trips to the planet Mars.

Its current activity has to do with security in the construction of rockets, trips that are made and space junk.

“Space security sees everything related to the security not only of projects here on land, say launches, platforms, rocket construction, but also in the space junk part.”

He completed his MA in Space Sciences in France, and it was there that he found the opportunity to start collaborating with NASA by designing small satellites.

Victoria, is part of the 50. 6 percent of the female population that there is in Sinaloa of a total of 3 million 050 thousand, 335 inhabitants.

Already in terms of numbers and according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), 47. 4 percent of homes in Sinaloa have female heads.

The average age of marriage is 25.4 years and it is the women who most request divorce with a rate of 26. 1 versus 21.7 for men.

In terms of education, the lag rate is 22.2 percent at ages 15 to 29 years of age.

And in terms of employment, professionals, technicians and art workers predominate, followed by merchants, office workers, industrial workers, artisans and assistants.

Source: linea directa

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