Movie escape, El Marro flees by tunnels like El Chapo in Guanajuato


According to the investigations, authorities are very close to finding the Huachicolero leader.

Guanajuato.- Sophia Huett López, commissioner of the Analysis and Strategies for Citizen Security Unit in Guanajuato, affirmed that there are tunnels that connect nearby homes with the command center of the residence of José Antonio Yépez, known as “El Marro” and where he could have fled the community of Santa Rosa de Lima, in Villagrán.

However, the authorities will continue on a permanent basis to prevent criminal groups from continuing to settle in that locality, and said that “if she knew where he is eating and what he is eating (Yépez), she would go right now for him”.

she added that until today there are seven detainees during the operations in which the Navy of Mexico, the Federal Police and the Public Security Forces of the State participate in Santa Rosa de Lima, none of the relatives of the mayor of Villagrán, Juan Lara Mendoza; although the mayor acknowledged in an interview that they were his nephews.

She said that the success of the operation is to dismantle “El Marro”, but also to the middle factions and, according to the investigations, they are very close to finding the huachicolero leader.

The tunnels …

As for the tunnels, he mentioned that they are connected to nearby homes with the command center in the residence recently searched in the community.

Of the detainees, one was in charge of the logistics and distribution of money, while another gave orders to burn trucks. He also said that he could be called the mayor of Villagrán Juan Lara, for the omission of the police in the operation.

She clarified that the mayor is not mentioned because of his close relatives to José Antonio Yépez, because until now there is nothing related to organized crime.

She acknowledged that society was significantly damaged by the burning of trucks in recent days, not only at dawn but in broad daylight; so he called on the society of Villagrán, Celaya and the region to be calm, because, as announced by Governor Diego Sinhue, peace has been restored in Guanajuato.

To conclude, said that there will be no more riots, because everything is under control and there were elements of the Navy and State Forces in Santa Rosa de Lima.

Source: El Sol de Mexico

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