Peru foresees more investments in Mexico


The exchange between both countries during 2018 was of 2,363 million dollars, according to PromPerú.

Peru plans to consolidate commercial transactions with Mexico for 30 million dollars, according to David Abraham Edery Muñoz, coordinator of Exports of Services of the South American country.

At a press conference, Edery Muñoz explained that about 30 companies have come from Peru as part of their commercial strategy towards Aztec territory.

“We have to promote exports, tourism and investments of our country to other markets and in this line is that for several years we are working on a new exportable offer, not so much linked to the goods that is the characteristic of the balance commercial, but fundamentally oriented to knowledge, “said the Peruvian official.

PromPerú indicated that a Business Center was opened in Jalisco, where 16 companies focused on IT, software development and digital marketing strategies, as well as the publishing sector, will be based for nine months. For the time being, the first container with 30,500 publications belonging to 14 Peruvian publishers was sent.

For its part, a similar center was opened in the Reforma Tower in Mexico City, where other companies offered designs and clothing, as well as digital services, while in Sonora, investments in mining were outlined.

According to PromPerú, the exchange between both countries during 2018 was of 2,363 million dollars.

In terms of tourism in 2017, there were 93,763 international arrivals from Mexico, representing an increase of 7% over the previous year.

In this way, Mexico is the second country to send tourists from North America to Peru.

Regarding the Mexican vacationers who visited Peru, they spent about 9 nights and spent an average of 1,250 dollars.

PromPerú is the promotion commission of the South American country for exports and tourism.

Source: Forbes

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