This is how you can use the word ‘Puto’ according to the RAE


The Real Academia de la Lengua Española needs it, the word will be used as an intensifier, not as an adjective.

As an intensifier and not as an adjective, this is how the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language stipulated the word “Puto” in the world.

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Here we will give you an example series of how you can use it, however it is necessary to first remember the definition of the word according to the RAE and other dictionaries.

Definition of the RAE
Puto, ta.- Maybe of the lat. vulg. * puttus, var. of the lat. putus ‘child’. 
1. adj. malson U. as a denigrating qualification. I stayed on the fucking street. 
2. adj. malson U. c. antiphrasis, to ponder. He has won again. What a lucky bit he has! 
3. adj. malson U to emphasize the absence or scarcity of something. I do not have a hard fucking. 
4. m. and f. malson prostitute 
5m. malson Sodomite (‖ who practices sodomy). 

1. expr. coloq. his. It denoted the effort that is made to not be the last in something. 
Pass the whores to someone 
1. loc. verb malson To have a bad time, to go through an especially hard or difficult moment.

Definición de la RAE
Puto, ta.- Quizá del lat. vulg. *puttus, var. del lat. putus ‘niño’.
1. adj. malson. U. como calificación denigratoria. Me quedé en la puta calle.
2. adj. malson. U. c. antífrasis, para ponderar. Ha vuelto a ganar. ¡Qué puta suerte tiene!
3. adj. malson. U. para enfatizar la ausencia o la escasez de algo. No tengo un puto duro.
4. m. y f. malson. prostituto.
5. m. malson. sodomita (‖ que practica la sodomía). A puto el postre
1. expr. coloq. desus. Denotaba el esfuerzo que se hace para no ser el último en algo.
Pasarlas putas alguien
1. loc. verb. malson. Pasarlo mal, atravesar un momento especialmente duro o difícil.

Definition of Oxford dictionaries Disdainful malcontent
Person who has sex in exchange for money.

Disdainful Woman who practices sex with men with whom she has no relationship and, in general, is easy to conquer or take the initiative.

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What a puto * achievement! RAE validates its use as prefix intensifier

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Disdainful for Homosexual man.

Adjective malsonant It is used before the name Indicates that what comes next is annoying, annoying, complicated or unpleasant or despicable.

“I was in a fucking office all morning; there is not a fucking indicator on this road; they stopped talking because of the fucking money. “

The truth is that using the word “puto” in certain sentences should no longer be frowned upon, as the RAE accepted it as an intensifying prefix.

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Users of Twitter asked the RAE how the word “puto” can be used because its use as an adjective and pejorative noun is ignored as it was used frequently.

The academy of the language answered that, in a youthful context used by Spaniards, it is used as an intensifier prefix that is prefixed to an adjective to accentuate certain expression.

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For example:
“You are the fucking master” “You fucking 
fuck me” 
“You fucking bad” 
“What fucking hot” 
“All the fucking day”

Por ejemplo:
“Eres el puto amo”
“Me putoencanta”
“Putamente mal”
“Qué puto calor”
“Todo el puto día”

As he explains in his examples, the word “puto” can only be used to emphasize an expression, but not as an adjective.

Will you use the word now that the RAE accepts it as an intensifier?

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Source: RAE, Linea Directa

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