Sex workers “sexoservidoras” disappear in Culiacán before police operative


The director of Inspection and Surveillance, Alfonso Meza, said that the operations to prevent illegal trade in the public road have not been successful

Culiacán, Sinaloa. –  The operative to detect people who do not have permission to practice the sex trade have not been successful because people “disappear” when the police and inspectors arrive, acknowledged the director of Inspection and Surveillance of the Town Hall, Alfonso Meza.

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He indicated that these will continue to be presented in order to order all the people who are dedicated to this activity.

“The operatives are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, where they review bars and places like the ones you mention, we have not detected because as they are free, public areas, if they see that there is an operation, they disappear,” he said.

Meza said that work began jointly with the area of ​​Health of the municipality to have an updated standard and that those who are not can count on the badge for medical check-ups and that they practice the sexual commerce in a safe way.

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