You can now use WhatsApp and other free apps during your flights


Users who are used to traveling constantly by plane will know that one of the most expensive things on the flight is the hiring of WiFi to work or hang out, which is why we are often incommunicado during our trips.

However, that will change from today, as Aeromexico has announced a new service called “Free Messaging”, with which users can now use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and / or iMessage without cost during their domestic and international flights on Aeromexico.

Aeromexico will have customer service through WhatsApp

The WhatsApp service for companies has begun its pilot test in different countries, and Mexico has been one of the selected ones to start with this new stage for the company of Mark Zuckerberg that seeks to revolutionize the communication between users and companies.

According to the company, they will be the first airline in America to participate in this pilot program, and their customers will be able to use this service from next year, however, the exact date in which they will start operating through WhatsApp is not specified. for business.

A few weeks ago, the Netherlands airline, KLM, was the first company to join the WhatsApp business program, so it seems that this type of company will be able to take advantage of this service and help their customers more quickly and easily. users on their future flights.

How does Free Messaging work?

It is important to mention that this service will only be available on all the aircraft of the airline that have WiFi, as are all Boeing 737 MAX models and some Boeing 737-800 .

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network of the plane, which can be “gogoinflight” or “Aeromexico Wi-Fi”.
  • Go to the website ” ” by connecting to the “gogoinflight” network or to the site “ ” if you are connected to the “Aeromexico WiFi” network.
  • Select the “Free text messages” package.

Ready, with that you can start using any of the three available applications without cost during the flight, however, it is important to mention that in this package only text messages are included, so you will not be able to send and / or receive photos, videos, files or audios.

Source: unocero

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